So what have I been doing other than spending far too much time crawling around the floor with my grandson Archie, now just one year old ? Well, the New Europe series has taken over what’s left of my life after crawling around the floor (or pretending to be a bee, or doing horse impressions) with Archie.

unspoilt parts of Europe, whilst never being more than three hours’ flying time away from my new grandson, Archie, born on St Patrick’s Day (March 17th) this year - and the most beautiful boy you could ever wish to see (apart from all the others!).

he’s also the kind of grandpa that won’t shut up about his grandkids


some lucky kids get to have michael palin as a grandfather like grandpas are already lovely but michael palin as a grandpa has to be the sweetest thing in the world

like who else did he buy flowers for dID HE BUY FLOWERS FOR EVERYONE if a worker touched a curtain on the show was that deemed worthy enough to receive a bunch of flowers from him it probably was

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Michael palin complains about being called nice and then sends someone who worked on the show flowers when she doesn’t mention the other pythons sending her flowers like goddamn palin you’re hardly helping yourself

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Graham chapman was so attractive it’s ridonculous

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"John Cleese was flirty, Michael Palin was shy, Terry Jones very jolly, Eric Idle a bit aloof, Graham Chapman very polite, Terry Gilliam loud and manic." Carol Cleveland

Same myrmelie

Same myrmelie

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And here we have the only valid reason to do anything tbh

And here we have the only valid reason to do anything tbh

I gotta be showered and respectable looking and out the house by 9am and that thought makes me feel sick

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getting excited over gold oh my god

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that post was froooooom 2007 but hes probably been again since